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Herb To Body Hawthorn Berries Powder


Hawthorn Berries 🍒

  • Heart-Healthy Fruit
  • Cardiovascular Support
  • Traditional Herbal Remedy
  • Antioxidant-Rich

Hawthorn is a thorny bush in the rose family that produces red (sometimes black) berries called haws. The tart berries, or haws, have been used for food for hundreds of years.

Today we know that hawthorn berries are an excellent source of oligomeric procyandins, antioxidant compounds known collectively as OPCs.

Sprinkle hawthorn berry powder into smoothies, tea, juice and other foods and beverages.

- Origin: Albania

- Botanical name: Crataegus sp

- Size: 4oz


• Made in United States

• Storage: Shelf-stable

• Weight: 6.4 oz (0.4 lb)

• Dimensions: 9 x 4 x 4 in (22.9 x 10.2 x 10.2 cm)