Nature's Cleanse

Los Angeles Salt Epsoothe™ Epsom Salt


Los Angeles Salt Epsom Salt is manufactured in the USA and is USP Grade. USP = Pharmaceutical Grade (The Highest Quality Possible).

Soothe. Satisfy. Center. Epsom salt, a special compound of magnesium and sulfate, is an ancient natural remedy used to treat countless common purposes. The magnesium it contains may help to relieve inflammation, stiffness, and pain. Epsom salt may also help to speed healing, improve mood, and help to elevate your sense of well-being. When the potent minerals from this salt are dissolved in a hot bath, they work magic on your muscles and mind. Float and let your mind be still. You deserve it.


• Made in United States

• Ingredients: 100% Pure & Natural Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate USP)

USP = Highest Quality Pharmaceutical Grade

Made in USA | Manufactured in FDA approved facilities

Fragrance Free / Unscented

• Product Language: English

• Weight: 2.25 lb (1.02 kg)

Eco-friendly information

• Packaging: Recyclable

• Product Materials: Biodegradable, Nontoxic, Reusable, and Vegan

• Production: Cruelty-free, Ethically sourced, and Sustainably sourced